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Amarillo & Lubbock, TX

  • Concrete Curbs and Gutters
    If you are in need of concrete curbs or gutters, call Apache Concrete. We have services designed to meet your industrial, commercial, and residential paving needs. We can prepare the site, grade, create a stone base, and much more. New construction and repair services are also available.
    Stamped & Decorative Concrete
    This is a simple technique used for creating a higher end look. We imprint patterns on freshly paved concrete and can give the finished look of brick, stone, slate, tile, and sometimes wood. This is also called textured or imprinted concrete. It's a lot cheaper and more durable than using the more expensive materials.
    Colored Concrete
    Add a little color to your concrete. We can customize the color of your concrete to match the feel and atmosphere around the slab. By adding the color, you give your walkway the appearance of art without compromising the strength and durability of the slab.
    If you need a new floor in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or other room, call Apache Concrete. We can lay the flooring slab so that it provides you with comfort and reliability. Ask about adding decorative concrete to your remodel.
  • Repair, Installation, Replacement & Removal
    We focus on the whole spectrum of concrete services. Whether it's repairing a crack, installing a new driveway, replacing a foundation, or removing old concrete, Apache has got you covered. Call us today for an estimate.
    Need a slab laid for your home? Are you building or need additional work done? Call Apache. We can take care of the concrete foundation you need while you build upwards.
    Need concrete work done for you business? Stamped and decorative concrete looks very professional and eye catching, and you can also liven up your bathroom or conference room with a concrete feel.
    Call Apache if you need a foundation laid for you home, business, or industrial park. We can handle any job, large or small. For remodeling purposes we can get your concrete slab down in no time! Call today.